5 Practical Interior Design Hacks For Thrifty Homeowners

Revamping your property can be costly, especially if you will go all the way with the items and the design. But a trusted interior design firm in Dubai that a revamp can be done even though you are working on a strict budget.

If you think of revamping your space with limited budget, here are some interior design hacks that can help you transform your home into a stunning living space:

  1. Upcycle some items

When you are working with a limited budget, you can save some pennies by recycling some of your old pieces to a newly-designed design accent. Try to salvage some of the pieces that you think is still viable for recycling. You might be surprised with the number of your old stuff that you can still recycle. You just need to be creative about it.

  1. Keep it simple

As much as you want to go for intricate design, it can be difficult given that you are working on a shoestring budget. If you plan to revamp your property, it would be best to go for simpler designs that can make your home look alluring. A minimalist design can still impressed your guests, especially if this is done right. This type of design requires less furnishings and design accents.

  1. Be creative with your storage

Some homeowners spent thousands of dollars when it comes to storage. But you don’t have to open your wallet wide to make it happen. You just need to scout some items that you can transform into a creative storage. For instance, you can turn unused ladders to book cases and also use wood crates as a center table-cum-magazine storage.

  1. Paint your side door and cabinets

Most of the time, homeowners focused on the front and back of the door. But you can level up the look of your door by painting the sides of it. You will be surprised on how this technique can change the look of your door. You can also do this with the sides of your cabinets to give it a more interesting look but also protect the material.

  1. Say No to dead spaces

Dead spaces are often considered good since you are giving the design a breathing space. But if there is too much of it, you need to fill it in. There are a lot of creative ways to do it. For instance, you can hang an interesting wall art to fill it in.

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